About Track 8, Tihai


I was influenced by working with Sulekh Ruparell in Indian fusion band Nirakar.
Great soprano saxophone playing by Ross Hughes, who is a regular in my live band.
Drummer Elias Gargallo Aguileilla had the great idea of playing atmospheric cymbal rolls at the beginning of the track... sounds like the sea!

I had actually intended to lay down a very specific drum beat to underline the "tihai" concept (a pattern of 3 equal phrases which end on beat 1 of the next bar) but when we were in the studio we ended up prioritising the overall groove and arrangement of the piece, and we didn't play the tihai pattern. The fast melody played at 3:38 does ( I think!) have the phrasing of a tihai (answers on a postcard)!

It then goes into a funk section... I enjoyed playing the bass on this one... I used to listen to a lot of Level 42... this section reminds me a bit of one of their tracks!

Listen to an excerpt of Tihai

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