About Track 6, Solo (Interlude)

Deadlines... it's great to have them otherwise things don't get done! I'd planned this piece for a while, I'd played around with the ideas for a year or more, as I wanted to have one piece on the album that was just guitar. Through my lessons from other flamenco guitarists, and looking at books by Juan Martin, Juan Serrano and Gerhard Graf-Martinez, I found that the style called Soleá was the easiest to pick up and the most accessible for non-flamenco musicians (apart from perhaps the rumba).

I think that when it comes to learning particular styles of guitar, I am a bit lazy! I like to play around with ideas... but in a way, I don't want it to be a carbon copy of the original style - otherwise you might as well leave it to those who can already play it. So, as I don't properly learn the standard way, I create my own way, with the other influences I've absorbed. So this has bits of Classical guitar, Flamenco Soleá, unsual key changes and one or two African style rhythms thrown in!

Another little editing secret: All the other tracks were finished for this album but when I got to the mastering studio, this piece was still unfinished!! I figured it wouldn't need much mixing because it was just one instrument, but I had many guitar phrases all waiting to be pieced together... so I had to do edit it all on my very slow laptop while Jon Astley, the mastering engineer, was working on the rest of the album... I'm pleased to say, I finished it just in time!! (Ah, so that's why I started this page talking about deadlines... because this track turned out to be the ultimate one!)

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