Connections > Concept how I joined the dots...
Track 1 - Buscando setting the tone of the album
Track 2 - Niño joyful like a child...
Track 3 - Awake piecing together odd time signatures...
Track 4 - Barcelona rumba flamenca meets cuba
Track 5 - Need for Love Vicente amigo influences
Track 6 - Solo (Interlude) fusion of solea with classical and african arpeggios
Track 7 - World I play a bit of fender rhodes and write with kenny chitsvatsva
Track 8 - Tihai Indian influences drawing from my work with nirakar
Track 9 - Esperanza caribbean meets country meets russian accordionist
Track 10 - Serpent My favourite solo of the album, fender rhodes by terry collie
Track 11 - Buscando (Reprise) reworking the first track with master drummer vancho
Track 12 - Compás trying to get a herbie hancock headhunters vibe