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I'm happy that I've been able to pool the resources- mental, physical and social- to make this album.

These are the people that helped me make it:

Fabrice Quentin - co producer
Jon Astley - mastering
Penny Frith - album design
Vladimir Potop - photography

and the musicians that you're going to read about in the following pages...

Rob Lavers - saxophone/ flute
Ross Hughes - saxophone/ flute
Alex Wilson - piano
Kenny Chitsvatsva - vocals, drums
Fernando Pellon - vocals, palmas (clapping)
Terry Collie - Fender Rhodes
Dave Lieffertz - Fender Rhodes
Vancho Manoilovich - drums
Satin Singh - percussion
Duncan Mackay - trumpet
Igor Outkine - accordion
Jamie Trowell - drums
Elias Gargallo Aguilella - drums

(I played Spanish guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and extra Fender Rhodes)


Between 2006 and 2010, I was listening a lot to the albums of Paco de Lucia (Solo Quiero Caminar, Siroco, Zyryab, Lucia, Cositas Buenas, Live in America) and Vicente Amigo (Di Mi Corazon Al Aire, Vivencias Imaginadas, Cante). At the beginning of 2010, I started playing solo guitar for special events... this new focus on playing guitar/ chord melodies on my own, it created new ideas in my mind in terms of composition and arrangement. Having had time to absorb and digest the music I'd been listening to in those previous years, coherent ideas started to emerge for an album by the Spring of 2011.

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