About Track 11, Buscando (Reprise)

My BOSS BR-900CD digital recorder has turned out to be very useful in this album project. (I'll talk about this more in the next page about the final track Compás.)
I went round to drummer Vancho Manoilovich's studio in February 2012 (the month of my 40th birthday!). He has a lot of great equipment and mics but when we got to trying to sync it up to my software setup, it seemed to be too complex to set up in our limited time. So instead I used my portable recorder, which can only record two tracks at once- not ideal for recording drums! So I connected Vancho's kick drum mic, and I placed my SM57 mic hovering somewhere between the snare and the hihat (not too close or his sticks would hit the mic!) ... I figured it'd pick up the other cymbals... and I'm very pleased with the results... I've used that recording of Vancho on Awake, Barcelona and this track Buscando (Reprise).

Terry Collie came round twice to record parts on the Fender Rhodes, as I hadn't finished all the arrangements the first time he came round. When I was editing the main track Buscando (track 1) I started to feel that there was too much going on... flute, several guitar parts, Rhodes, clapping... I think I also remember my co-producer Fabrice Quentin saying, we should try and reduce what's going on here. So although I really liked what Terry did on Buscando in the first session, it didn't seem to fit in the song arrangement.

So that's where my idea to create another track, a Reprise of Buscando, came from. What's more, I did another drum session later on with Elias Gargallo Aguilella for some other tracks, and I'd experimented with trying a new beat with Buscando, and that fitted the Track 1 arrangement. So this way, creating an alternative version of Buscando, I could use Terry's solo, Vancho's drums and also, some great other flute solos Rob Lavers had played.

I also wanted to make sure I was making at least an hour of music, so these two minutes were just pushing it over the hour mark!!

Listen to an excerpt of Buscando (reprise)

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