Flamenco Latin Jazz Guitarist

Since 1995 I've been based in London - it's a great place for learning about a universe of music! Here are the styles and people who've influenced me, taught me and become my friends along the way...

Flamenco: Amir Akbari, Ramon Ruiz

Zimbabwean music: Netsayi, Kudaushe Matimba

Indian music: Sulekh Ruparell, Alok Verma

Jazz: Robin Banerjee, Rob Lavers, Terry Collie

Soul/ Funk: Marcel Pusey (Bassistry)


I recently brought the above influences together to make the album Compás... Read a track by track account of how I made it

My main focus at the moment is to make guitar videos, both of performances and of lessons and techniques. Here's my channel.